About Us

We’re for the skin-conscious
The philosophy behind Bronzed Tiger is that stepping out into your environment shouldn’t come with risk. That’s why, from the depths of Borneo’s rainforests to the Australian coastal shores, Bronzed Tiger offers a holistic approach to confidently self-tanning with a product that commits to deeply nourishing your skin and protecting it against environmental aggressors.

Scientifically-developed, our green-based formulation is enriched with bioactive ingredients that are targeted at positively improving your skin’s health and integrity long-term. We take pride in delivering your best summer glow by intersecting beauty with wellness. 

We’ve upped the anti…

Not all tanning products are created equal.
Choose our formulation that is:

  • Anti-wrinkles and fine lines
  • Anti-streak 
  • Anti-uneven skin tones
  • Anti-pigmentation
  • Anti-premature ageing
  • Anti-pollution properties
  • Anti-harm to animals